The Board of Governors (Conseil de Gouvernance) is the sole governance body of FAPE ENGIE Belgium, combining the tasks and powers of an Executive Committee and a Project-Selection Committee.

The Board of Governors comprises the following stakeholders:

  • the President of FAPE ENGIE– Ms Muriel Morin;
  • the President of FAPE ENGIE Belgium – Mr Emmanuel van Innis;
  • the Managing Director of FAPE ENGIE Belgium – Mr Jacques Spelkens;
  • the Managing Director of FAPE ENGIE France – Ms Catherine Guillon;
  • the representative appointed by the Employee Representation Organisations to serve on the Board on behalf of all of them – Mr Robert Van Passen;
  • one representative of each of the Business Units (BU) in Belgium which are members of FAPE ENGIE Belgium; these representatives are appointed by the CEO and/or the HR Manager of their respective BU for a period of three years (from the date of the first meeting of the above-mentioned Board) – Brigitte Bocqué (Tractebel ENGIE), Vincent Fantoli (N-Allo), Eddy Noben (ENGIE Cofely ), Alain Van Doren (ENGIE Fabricom), Mathieu Vandenbroeckeéatrice (ENGIE Electrabel) and Kathelijne De Four (ENGIE CC);
  • three representatives of civil society, in line with the goals of FAPE ENGIE Belgium, nominated by the Managing Director of FAPE ENGIE Belgium for a three-year period of office – Pierre DevleeshouwerDenis StokkinkMarc Janssens de Varebeke;
  • one representative of the King Baudouin Foundation (KBF) – Mr Ludwig Forrest (in an advisory capacity);
  • one representative of the Corporate Communication Department of ENGIE Electrabel, elected from among its own members by the Management of the Department – Ms Alessandra Di Lieto.

To ensure consistency between the activities of FAPE ENGIE France and FAPE ENGIE Belgium, both the Managing Directors participate in the meetings of the governance bodies of the two entities.