The strategy pursued by FAPE ENGIE Belgium is based on three lines of action:

  • social/occupational integration;
  • the development of economic activities; and
  • the creation of jobs and businesses.

FAPE ENGIE Belgium places particular emphasis on evaluating the projects it supports, ensuring their feasibility and the quality of the assistance provided to jobseekers.

FAPE ENGIE Belgium supports project proposals submitted via a “Call for Project Proposals”in all areas of activity conducive to the creation of employment and social/occupational integration, including such areas as:

  • the environment;
  • sustainable development;
  • energy saving and energy efficiency;
  • the management of gardens and green areas;
  • services to individuals and businesses;
  • organic farming;
  • buildings and construction;
  • waste processing;
  • restoration projects;
  • leadership and mediation in the target neighbourhoods;
  • the integration of people with disabilities.

Solidarity-based funding

FAPE ENGIE Belgium is able to operate thanks to the solidarity of the employees of ENGIE Fabricom, ENGIE Cofely, ENGIE Axima, ENGIE Electrabel, Tractebel ENGIE, N-Allo, GEM Global Markets, ENGIE CC, ENGIE SSC, ManCO (B), EEI, Contassur in Belgium and the retired personnel of Exebel and Ex-Tra. More specifically, funds are received in the form of:

  • voluntary donations from employees and retired employees;
  • a matching contribution from the member companies of FAPE ENGIE Belgium, equivalent to 100% of the donations made by their employees.

For any donation of over €40 per year, donors benefit from a tax rebate granted through the King Baudouin Foundation, which is a patron of FAPE ENGIE Belgium.

In addition, FAPE ENGIE Belgium may receive donations from any individual or company wishing to support its activities.