relecture-ecrire-et-senrichir-1024x1024 Who can apply for a grant from FAPE ENGIE Belgium?

Grants are awarded only for project proposals submitted by: 

  • social/occupational integration structures, e.g. a company or association active in the field of integration, a temporary occupational integration enterprise (enterprise de travail temporaire d’insertion), a group of employers promoting occupational integration and qualification, or an integration worksite;
  • a proximity service, such as a local taskforce;
  • organisations providingsupport for jobseekers to start a business;
  • establishments of the ENGIE Group;
  • employees and retired employees of the ENGIE Group.

Funding limited to investments

To be eligible, proposals must relate to the financing of a new investment. FAPE ENGIE Belgium does not provide grants towards the operating costs of an occupational integration association or company or towards staffing costs.

The financing of the investment must not have started before the project proposal is submitted to FAPE ENGIE Belgium.

Calls for Proposals

Twice a year (in October and May), FAPE ENGIE Belgium makes an open “Call for Project Proposals” so as to obtain an overview of the initiatives launched in all sectors.

A rigorous selection process

The projects are selected by the members of the Board of Governorson the basis of 10basic criteria

compliance with the deadline for the submission of project proposals and compliance with administrative formalities;

  • relevance of the project proposal to FAPE ENGIE Belgium’s three goals mentioned in the relevant sections;
  • the project must operate in Belgium;
  • viability and feasibility of the project;
  • accountability for the future use of any amounts granted by FAPE ENGIE Belgium for the project;
  • the managers and prime contractors of the project must be clearly identified;
  • the articles of association and structure of the applicant association or body managing the project;
  • the healthy financial status of the project;

Submitting a project proposal