All the associations supported by FAPE ENGIE Belgium are active in the area of social and occupational integration and access to employment for people who are out of work.

  • Apart from financial assistance, all the participating associations require help to develop their activities in the long term and create sustainable back-to-work jobs.
  • For all those who wish to lend a helping hand, FAPE ENGIE Belgium’s partner associations offer the possibility of participating in different tasks and proximity services in many areas of action.
    Through your participation you will be supporting the development of these associations in their efforts to promote social integration and employment.

Becoming a volunteer

  • Volunteer work is a personal, rewarding and enriching experience open to all which enables participants to contribute to a fairer and more equitable world. Becoming a volunteer means sharing certain values. It involves a mutual commitment, which in most cases is based on a long-term relationship.

In this way, you can make your professional and personal skills available to an association.

As soon as the supported associations convey their specific needs to us in terms of volunteer work, we will publish them here.