(Managing Director of FAPE ENGIE Belgium)

”FAPE ENGIE Belgium, the new Fund of the ENGIE Group in Belgium that aims to contribute to the occupational integration, employability and return to employment of people who have been out of work or marginalised was officially launched in March 2015.

One year later, thanks to your voluntary donations, FAPE ENGIE Belgium can  now sponsor specific job-creation projects developed by associations and bodies working in Belgium to fight against exclusion and promote the occupational integration of people facing hardship. Based on several projects that are forwarded to the Selection Committee of the Fund, FAPE ENGIE Belgium develops a network of solidarity and mutual aid that you - as an employee of the Group - support in an efficient way through your generous donations.

Let’s join forces with FAPE ENGIE Belgium and mobilise around this new Fund, which is truly your own!”